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Mickey Mouse Set Lunch for Junior

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I cooked a very simple lunch for my darling boy. He's always my NO. 1 fan when it comes to my cooking and baking. It is pure joy when I see my boy enjoy his meal and finishes it to every bit!

Pasta of the Day

Half jar of Organic Pasta Sauce (I used Castagno)
One Small cup of Frozen Veggies
One Large Onions (I used rose onions instead of yellow onions)
Meat (I used pork - roughly chopped)
A dash of Italian herbs & Heinz ketchup
One cup of Pasta of your choice

Cook the pasta according to package instruction (usually 10-12 minutes).
While waiting for the pasta to cook, in another pan saute the onions until soft and light brown. 
Then add in the chopped meat and frozen veggies.  
Let it saute for another three minutes, then add the pasta sauce. 
Add a dash of Italian herbs and ketchup to make the pasta more flavorful.
Dish up and serve!

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Fried Onions and Eggs

One small yellow onion (sliced & chopped)
One egg
2 tsp of VCO

Crack and beat the egg. Heat the pan with VCO and saute the onion until it's fragrant.
Spread the fried onion around the pan and pour in the beaten egg. 
Fry the egg like how you would do scramble egg (until the egg is dry).
Dish up and serve!

Lightly Buttered Mixed Veggies

One small cup of Frozen Mixed Veggies
Some unsalted butter

Steam the frozen veggies for about 10 minutes. 
Pour the steamed veggies on a bowl and mix it with the butter until it melts completely. 
Dish up and serve.

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