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AirBaked Classic Chocolate Muffins

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Yay! I'm on a long weekend break so it is time to do some baking and munch all day long! (oppsie...I know I have to watch my diet).

Chocolate for breakfast? I'm sure no one can say NO and this is exactly what I'm baking - Classic Chocolate muffins for breakfast. Why not indulge in it when I don't make chocolate muffins everyday (wink!). These chocolate muffins make a great breakfast to start any morning. How can you not start the day with a wide smile on your face :)
These scrumptious muffins are chocolate loaded, tasty and full of chocolate goodness. Surely this can also be a delicious dessert or even in a lunch box if you don't fancy for a rich and heavy chocolatey start in the morning.

You will love how easy these muffins are to make...so easy that it could just be a dangerous thing...LOL!
 AirBaked Classic Chocolate Muffins

350gm Self-raising Flour
150gm Brown Sugar
50gm Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
180gm Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
2 Eggs
250ml Milk
125gm Butter (melted, alternatively you can use Vegetable Oil)

  • Preheat the Airfryer at 160°C.
  • In a mixing bowl, combine together flour, brown sugar, cocoa powder and chocolate chips and mix well.
  • In a separate bowl, whisk together eggs, milk and melted butter until smooth and well combined.
  • Pour the egg mixture into the flour mixture, stir until just combined (don't over-mix). 
  • Spoon mixture into muffin pan or muffin cups until almost full (3/4 full).
  • AirBaked at 160°C for 13-15 minutes or until firm to touch and skewer inserted into the center comes out clean (p/s: a wet skewer may just be the melted chocolate chips!) 
  • Cool on a wire rack and store in an airtight container. Enjoy! 

Adapted from My Cooking Baking Diary

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  1. How many muffins can you make with this recipe? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Nikki, My muffin tin was a small size pan and so it yields about 24-30 mini muffins.

  2. May I know your small size pan measurement?

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