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Chinese Radish Soup (Pak Lobak Tong)

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I'm still very much operating under "vacation-mode" after my trip to Hong Kong and Macau! So not really into complicated cooking or baking...LOL!
It is time for a simple bowl of comforting soup (something easy to cook! Yay!). Chinese Radish Soup definitely works well in soothing and cooling our body, all thanks to the hardworking "Sun" for giving us really hot weather lately. 

The Chinese Radish is also know as Daikon Radish. It looks like an oversize white carrot and it is a very versatile vegetable as you can use it to cook basically with anything (such as stir-fry or use it to make lobak cake).

This is a simple recipe for someone like me who is still in her "vacation-mode"! Just prepare the ingredients, put all the ingredients into the Philips Pressure Cooker and that's it! I love this soup very much, especially when I was breastfeeding my little darling. Believe it or not, Chinese Radish soup is listed as one of the most effective milk booster. All breastfeeding mommies, drink and eat more Chinese Radish ya! 

Chinese Radish Soup (Pak Lobak Tong)

250-300gm Pork Ribs (you can use chicken meat, I used soft pork ribs)
1 medium Chinese Radish (peeled and cut into large chunks)
8 pcs Dried Oyster
3 cups Water

  • Over a gas stove, bring a pot of water to boil and blanch the pork ribs (meat will only cook slightly). Remove the pork ribs and discard the water. 
  • Put all the ingredients into the Philips Pressure Cooker. 
  • Close the lid securely and position the valve to Seal.
  • Select Soup mode then Press & Hold the Keep Pressure Time button to activate the selection then increase the KPT to 59 minutes.
  • Press and hold the Start button for 3 seconds to activate the cooking.

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  1. Can I check for soup using pressure cooker! how soon you can open d lit to serve the soup? I just bought one pressure cooker. Am disappointment the waiting time to depressurise take much longer than cooking time. I does not fit the purpose of getting soup ready for family after work.