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AirFried Shiitake Mushroom Chips

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Next to Chocolate is Mushroom...these are my favorite food that I cannot resist! Since a kid I always love eating mushroom and my granma used to tell me that I always go around telling others that mushroom is good for health and it increase the blood in our body. Looking back...I really don't know where I got that idea from and why I started to preached about it...LOL!

Anytime I do grocery shopping I will always end up buying a pack of Shiitake mushroom and if that day I did buy any of it then it is either out of stock or the leftover does not appetizing to me....haha!

I decided to some experiment with the packet of mushroom that has been sitting in my fridge for over a week now in the AirFryer as I will not be using it to cook any dish. Reason: I guess my hubby is kind of tired of the same old Creamy Mushroom Pasta (my fav!) so I decided to stop cooking that for awhile.

AirFried Shiitake Mushroom Chips
200gm Shiitake Mushroom


  1. Clean the Shiitake mushroom in cold running water (don't soak to avoid any water absorption)
  2. Preheat the AirFryer at 180°C 
  3. Cut off the bottom part of the mushroom stem (you can remove the stem completely as well)
  4. Slice the mushroom according to your preferred thickness (Note: if too thin then it might fly and stick to the AirFryer fan) 
  5. Pop these sliced mushroom to the AirFryer pan and let it fry for 8 to 12 minutes or until the mushroom are completely dry. Take out the pan and give it a shake half-way (or you can use a wooden spatula to toss it)
  6. The mushroom will shrink in size and once it is done sprinkle with salt. 

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  2. I must’ve missed read the recipe I had them on 180 for 30 minutes and they still haven’t turned to chips and

    1. Most likely you missed that it was a hundred eighty degrees Centigrade not Fahrenheit baby about 354 Fahrenheit