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Classic White Bread for Bread Maker

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This recipe is another of my "must-have" easy recipe for a soft and light, airy loaf white bread.
Nowadays I hardly (almost never) buy bread from the store because I have my reliable Tesco Bread Maker. Life is so much easier and bit more healthier and happier when you can bake bread at any time of the day at home knowing that all ingredients you put to make the loaf is good and nutritious.
Talking about happiness, no one can be as happy as my darling boy! He will always be the first person to run to the table and hoping to get a slice of the freshly baked bread. 
Back to the recipe, this is classic white bread recipe that will become a regular in your bread maker! It is a failproof recipe and really require no complicated ingredients.
Classic White Bread for Bread Maker

225ml Milk (you can also use water if there is no milk)
1 1/2 tsp Salt
2 tbsp Sugar
2 tbsp Vegetable Oil
400gm Bread Flour
2 tsp Instant Yeast
*extra milk for brushing (optional)

  • Place all the ingredients in the bucket following the order given in your manufacturer's instructions, or in the order listed here.
  • Set the machine for the Basic setting and 1.5lbs size, and set the Crust/Color setting to light.
  • Brush the top of the loaf with the milk just before the baking starts.
  • Turn the loaf out onto a wire rack as soon as possible after baking is complete. 
  • Wrap the loaf with a damp tea towel until it turns cool. (Tips: this will make the loaf soft on the outside

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  1. Replies
    1. I used UHT milk but you can of course use fresh milk.

  2. Hi, the milk should be warm, cold or normal temp? Can i use cold milk just take out from fridge?

    1. Hi Dao,

      Of course you can use milk straight from the fridge....that's what i used too :)
      Happy Baking!

    2. hi Samantha,
      I followed exactly your recipe and procedure yesterday night. My bread come out with nice texture and soft BUT the taste is sour like the yeast taste :( I dont know what go wrong? Should i reduce the yeast portion?

    3. Hi there!
      Sorry to hear about your bread has gone sour....you might want to check the freshness of the ingredients you used. It could be the milk or the yeast (only 2 tsp, you may have use stale yeast or yeast have interacted with sugar - that is why yeast has to be added lastly). So far I have never encounter sour bread with this same measurement.

  3. Wow, nice bread, I like this simple recipe,for me, I have to bake many times to make bread like that, can't wait to do it.

  4. Hi, how would i know when does the bread start to bake? When should i brush the top with milk? Thanks.

    1. Hi Geego,
      I usually do it around when the machine have 1 hour left as I did not manage to catch when exactly the machine will start the baking process.

  5. Thank you so much Samantha! That helps a lot. I tried out this recipe & the killer toast recipe & both turned out beautifully. Thank you for sharing the recipes.

  6. It is very nice, I am fan of baking, really like to read your article about bread recipe, which brand of bread maker you use? http://www.bestbreadmakeronline.com/

    1. hi there, i'm using Tesco Breadmaker for all my bread-baking

  7. Hi Samantha.
    I just start having tesco BM. I already try to make the basic but it did not turn out well. My bread crust is quite hard and the bread color (inside) is brown instead of white. I dont know what wrong because I have follow the manual accordingly. May i ask how do mix the ingredients? How you place sugar and salt?

  8. Hi Samantha,
    I followed your basic bread recipe and it turns out nice and soft what Ive expected. I used back your recipe and replace the oil with more melted butter and add in 3 tbsp of mince garlic and a few crushed walnut and it turns out great and smells great too! Thanks to your basic recipe, now I can't wait to try another recipe!