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Low Carb Chocolate Laddu

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Okay, it is obvious that I'm still stuck in Deepavali mode.
I used to enjoy variety of Indian sweets/desserts and Deepavali is the best time to eat 'em all. Of course being in ketogenic lifestyle I will have to avoid these yummy, spiced sweets.
So I went hunting for some inspiration on keto indian desserts and voila.....i found this perfect low carb chocolate laddu with simple ingredients and non-complicated steps to prepare it.
Laddu is originally made of flour, ghee (butter), sugar and some nuts/dried fruits. I always like soft, crumbly and melt-in-the-mouth laddu...oh how heavenly! And one of the most important ingredients is cardamom powder, since I cannot get any so I have resorted to grinding them from scratch. 
This recipe is not going to have the melt-in-the-mouth effect as we will be using coconut flour, so it will have some chewiness to the laddu. And we will be using whipping cream instead of butter...hmm..perhaps I should re-create this recipe with ghee/butter next round!
Low Carb Chocolate Laddu
(makes 8 pieces)
56 gm Coconut Flour
24 gm Whey Protein (unflavoured, unsweetened)
1 tbsp Cocoa Powder (unsweetened)
1 tsp Cardamom Powder
2 gm Monk Fruit Sweetener (1 sachet, add more if you prefer sweeter laddu) 
30 gm Whipping Cream (and more for shaping the laddu)


  1. Heat the pan over medium heat, toast all the dry ingredients until fragrant.
  2. Add the whipping cream and stir it well, turn off the heat. (Tips: It will looks clumpy and coarse-textured)
  3. Remove from pan and let it cool before shaping them into round balls. If the flour-mixture is too dry to get into shape, add some whipping cream (add little by little).
  4. Place them on a cupcake liners and serve!
Adapted from KetoTadka

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