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A to Z in Bread Maker: Gula Melaka Kaya (Nyonya Coconut and Egg Jam)

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Kaya or Coconut Jam is a very popular and famous in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. The jam is made from egg, coconut milk, palm sugar, and pandan leaves. It is a rich and aromatic jam which goes really well with buttery toasts and a glass of kopi-peng (iced coffee).

This is my first time making Kaya with bread maker, another A to Z in Bread Maker recipe. With the help of modern kitchen appliances there is no need for us to spend a whole day preparing, cooking and stirring kaya in a pot!

You will not believe how easy it is to make Gula Melaka Kaya (Nyonya Coconut and Egg Jam) with the help of a trusted bread maker and a blender.
Gula Melaka Kaya (Nyonya Coconut and Egg Jam)

400ml Fresh Coconut Milk
4 - 5 Eggs
150gm Gula Melaka (Palm Sugar)
100gm Brown Sugar
7-8 pandan leaves (tie into a knot)


  • Put all the ingredients into the bread maker pan. 
  • Select Jam mode and press Start. (Cooking time: 1 hour 20 minutes)
  • Don't fret if the texture turn out like minced meat or lumpy. That's normal!
  • Once the Jam mode completes let the Kaya jam cool dowm, discard the pandan leaves and remove the liquid from the lumpy Kaya mixture. The liquid is the end product of melted sugar.
  • Transfer the lumpy Kaya mixture into a blender. Blend until it reaches a silky smooth consistency without lumps or until it reaches your preferred consistency (some will like to have grainy-texture). 
  • Transfer the Kaya to a jam bottle. You can keep it in the fridge for about a week.

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  1. Hi
    may i know why mine is Watery after putting in fridge? Thanks

    1. hi, you might have added too many of the liquid when blending.

    2. Hi do you mean the milk? I've added 400ml coconut cream instead of coconut milk. Does it make a diff?
      I only added 3 eggs cos don't like the eggy taste.
      Thanks ☺

    3. hi, I don't think the coconut will cause any difference. what i mean is that did you add all the liquid (liquid is the end product of melted sugar) you collected after the kaya is done cooking in the bread maker? The step before blending the kaya.

    4. Ah did that too but not much liquid comes out

    5. i see...maybe next time you will need to blend then add the liquid bit by bit to adjust on the consistency.